Triggered Messaging offers the most advanced cart abandonment solution yet

Triggered Messaging


The shopping cart abandonment space is becoming more and more popular for software providers. An often quoted statistic is that only 14% of eCommerce sites have the software. It’s a “quick win” for any online retailer.

As the marketplace becomes more popular, new software companies are springing up. To compete, new software is becoming more sophisticated. Such is the aim of Triggered Messaging who came onto the scene in January 2013.

What Triggered Messaging are doing

The company looks to go beyond simply sending out abandoned cart emails. It aims to make those emails more personal as well. As we all know in the marketing space, the more personalised an email is, the more clicks and revenue it will achieve.

The software links together customer data, purchase history and product information to make more personalised abandonment emails. Triggered Messaging is currently the only company in this space who can tie all this information together – and this means you can do interesting things.

For instance, you can have dynamic content in the cart abandonment email that offers a discount code to loyal or high-value customers.

They also offer “browser recovery” where if a recognised customer has browsed items without carting them, they get an email with those items in. It contributes a significant proportion to the sales uplift.

Of the 15.26% sales uplift that they achieved for their clients (on aggregate) in August 2013, 11.64% came from cart recovery and 3.62% from browser recovery.

These results are substantially higher than what many of the other providers have achieved.

Case study:

Children’s clothes retailer used to have abandoned cart emails from another provider. But by changing to Triggered Messaging they increased revenue from abandoned cart emails by 257%.

We are experiencing the highest ROI from our use of Triggered Messaging that we have any seen from any new initiative at Nothing that we have implemented worked so impressively and so quickly

– Jon Grail, Email Marketing Manager,


Previously AlexandAlexa had an integration between Magento and their ESP (ExactTarget). This only let them send emails once every 24 hours. It also did not let them include product information.

Studies have shown that the majority of shopping cart abandonment leads drop off within the first hour – this reduced their recovery rate substantially. They only converted 5.9% of people who were sent these messages.

Once they installed Triggered Messaging however, that number of conversions increased to 10.1%.

Not bad.

Next plans for the company

After talking to the Head of Sales and Marketing at Triggered Messaging, Eddy Swindell, this appears to be only the start. The company are looking into more ways they can add value to email marketing campaigns.

They’re currently writing a number of academic white papers which prove the science behind their technology, and how they can keep getting better results.

Practicalities and cost

The Triggered Messaging software integrates with nearly all the largest ESPs and e-commerce platforms.

It also comes at a clear fixed price. Eddy at Triggered Messaging was keen to emphasise that he didn’t like the affiliate model of other companies because it wasn’t very transparent.

The clear pricing also means that smaller retailers can take advantage of the software. Many could sign up for packages which cost £100/month or less.

Is it for you?

Triggered Messaging has created the most advanced software on the market. It’s not the most clear-cut solution because it is so complex. Because it’s all self-service, your email marketing team are going to need to spend some time learning how to use the software and experimenting.

This is in contrast to the fully-managed services of companies like VeInteractive or SaleCycle who deal completely with the creative, optimisation and reporting of campaigns.

That said, by using more technology the software is producing a sales uplift of double its competitors (15% vs. 4-8%). I’d therefore recommend Triggered Messaging if you have a bright team of email marketers who can use it.

Disclosure: Triggered Messaging are paying me to help with their outreach campaigns to blogs.  However, I did not receive any payment for this article.