Which shopping cart recovery software should you buy?

If you’re considering purchasing cart recovery software, this guide is for you. This is a market overview, rather than a guide to each individual provider. I don’t have space to write a review on each. But I will review them all, one by one later on. And I’ll update this page to include links to those reviews.

As far as I can tell there are 12 providers of shopping cart abandonment software, 2 of which seem to have died. I’ve put this all into a Google Doc below. Or if that’s hard to read, open the full document here.

Are you big or small?

If you’re a large site online, turning over in the region of £10m+ per year, you’ll probably want to speak to work with SeeWhy, SaleCycle or VeInteractive. If you hire us, we can help advise on the best option for you, and walk you through the next stages.

If you have a smaller online presence, you’ll probably want to work with other providers.

The next step is, will you want an account manager?

Can you handle all your optimisation, analytics and suchlike in-house? If you already employ analytics gurus, they’ll be able to do it for you. However, you may just want someone else to take care of it – then you’ll need an account manager.

Narrow down these companies to the ones who offer account management, if you want it. If you’re going to meet your account manager regularly, you’ll probably want to pick a company that works in your country. In the last column, I’ve listed the countries which each company has offices in. Of course, if you’re a big enough company, some software companies will be willing to visit you. But it helps to pick a provider who is nearer to you.

Don’t worry about price.

I know you’re probably worried about that POA (price on application) sticker with most of these companies! But don’t worry. Installing cart recovery software is so lucrative to you, that price won’t be an issue at all. In fact, a few companies are so confident in their ability to deliver, that they charge on a Pay-for-performance model.

Price might only be a problem if you’re a small retailer. It will be too expensive if you’re not selling much at the moment. In which case go for CloudIQ, Triggered Messaging, Barilliance or WiredMarketing. They have the lowest priced software.