CloudIQ review: Top-notch shopping cart recovery apps for the mid-market

cloud-iq-logoYesterday I met CloudIQ at their offices in Shoreditch, London. Based near Silicon Roundabout, the company offers a range of marketing apps, helping recover online sales. I met Louise Robertson, CloudIQ’s Marketing Director and Tim Renew, who leads CloudIQ’s sales, for a cup of tea.

Suitable for the broader market – the story behind CloudIQ

One of CloudIQ’s main differentiators to other cart recovery platforms, is that they cater for a much wider market. Whilst the big guys like SeeWhy and SalesCycle focus on the biggest companies, CloudIQ is suitable for anyone from startups to large enterprise clients.

In his interview with last year, James Critchey, the founder of CloudIQ said the following.

I’d seen first-hand the value that effective multi-channel strategies created for large enterprises and knew smaller organisations needed to be doing the same stuff. However traditional solutions for things like cart recovery, website call-back and email or SMS campaigns were well out of their reach due to their cost and complexity.

My idea was to take these issues away by using cloud technology and simple apps – opening up the ‘big boys marketing toys’ to all. The result is happier customers and more sales.

How does cart recovery work.

Click to call and SMS – much higher conversions than simply email

cartRecovery-multichannelCloudIQ have one of the most innovative features of cart recovery software. On top of just emailing clients, they also offer SMS and call features. When a shopper abandons a cart, and if they’ve entered their phone number, they’d be sent a text and email, and be offered a call.

They said this was particularly useful for something like travel companies. If somebody’s looked at an expensive trip abroad, and they’re not sure, if you offer to call, they can ask questions, be reassured and place their order.



SMS tends to perform better than email

The other benefit of sending SMS messages, Louise said, is that they’re likely to be read. With email you may get anywhere between a 10 and 50% open rate. And that potential customer isn’t likely to open it straight away.

Whereas with a text message, 90% of people will open that text within a minute. It’ll have a click-to-call option, and the customer can request an instant call back.

Lower pricing

CloudIQ’s apps are much cheaper than their competitors and is affordable to everybody. Anyone from little startups, to big enterprise clients can use their software. There’s a pay-as-you-go option, so that you only pay for what you use, and you’re not tied into a big contract either.

“With the bigger companies, you’ll be spending £1000s a month. With us, it’ll probably be £100s a month.” says Louise. So I asked: “Is there a difference between what you’re offering and the others?”

They said they offer the same services, and account management, as the bigger companies. They didn’t go into any further details so I couldn’t compare them with other companies. However they have got a large support team and many account managers.


Tim told me that at present, the software can work with any platform. And they’re planing full-scale integrations with Magento, Shopify and Wix among others over the course of 2013. So if you’re using those platforms, you’ll be able to use CloudIQ.

The verdict

I’d highly recommend CloudIQ’s cartRecovery app. By using the multi-channel approach of emails, texts and call-backs, I would argue that they’re ahead of their bigger competitors. It means you can reach more customers and ultimately make more sales, than with some of the other software. The fact that it’s less expensive, is a bonus as well!

If you’re a small or medium-sized online business, they’re probably what you’re after. You can trial it for free, now, as it’s a cloud-based app. Why not have a look?