Online retailers: Lifehacker lifts the lid on your abandoned carts discounts

If you offer discounts for shoppers who abandon their carts, you might want to think again.

Lifehacker, the popular lifestyle-hacking blog, recently revealed how customers can outsmart your cart recovery software. So instead of buying from you straight away, shoppers are training themselves to wait for your abandoned cart email to arrive with a discount code. The article, which has currently recieved over 17,000 pageviews, is a reminder that online shoppers are smart cookies.

It’s sensible to offer discounts if it’s part of an overall strategy. SaleCycle told me about how Millenium Hotel group for example offer a free £10 voucher for their bar. If someone’s going to spend £10 in the bar, they’re likely to spend £20, or maybe more if they end up there after a hard day.

However, for most online retailers, it’s probably not a good idea to offer discounts for all cart abandoners. It trains them to expect discount codes and this will eat away at your profit margins, needlessly.