23% of shoppers abandon baskets because they can’t speak to anyone


He just abandoned his shopping cart because he couldn't speak to anyone

A new survey released by shopping cart recovery provider, Cloud.IQ  has shown that 23% of online shoppers abandoned shopping carts because they couldn’t speak to anyone.

The study which polled 2000 online shoppers revealed that many people back out of purchases because of a lack of human contact.

The report showed that more than half of respondents were more likely to buy if an online retailer had a “free call back button”.

James Critchley, CEO of cloud.IQ, said: “With Britons spending on average £1,000 each year online, it is crucial retailers make it as easy as possible for consumers to get in touch.

“People want to do business with people. The reality is that even when we’re buying stuff online – and particularly something that costs more than a few quid – we usually want to talk to someone as part of the transaction. It’s worrying that many retailers fail to offer this option.”

Callback buttons on a retailer’s site, which automatically direct customers straight through to a retailer’s representative, will help curb the drop-off in online shopping cart purchases, according to Critchley.

“With the use of a Callback button, the responsibility of contact falls back to the retailer. Agents can listen to customers’ needs and concerns and pitch accordingly. They ensure the customer receives a response quickly – before they get the chance to browse to a competitor site. By putting in that extra effort, retailers can expect to see less shopping carts abandoned and a real improvement in sales conversions,” he said.

Shopping cart recovery is just one of the tools Cloud.IQ offer. They also offer callback buttons and SMS services for online retailers.

We were very impressed with their approach. You can read our review of Cloud.IQ here.

Image courtesy of thenestor under a Creative Commons license.